Thursday, September 16, 2010

My Chore Chart

I LOVE my chore chart. I'll try not to be too PRIDEFUL about it, but that will be hard...since it is the most WONDERFUL thing I've ever made. My children know precisely what I expect them to do before they get their screen time or other privledges.

I've made chore cards with my Cricut and basic free clipart from the internet. When they have completed their chore, they flip the card over and attach to the "done" hook. The flip side has a "good work" badge.

I have cards that range from easy(for my toddler), to more difficult for my older children. I've done a "fast card" that they can earn if the jobs get done quickly. I'll give them a small reward (candy, toy etc.) if they earn it. A favorite card in our house is the "your choice" where the kids get to pick one of their jobs. We have a "Mommy/Daddy's helper" card which is great for odd jobs that we need help with.

I've laminated them for durability, and I keep them stored on a hook which is on the board. It was very easy to do and is so VALUABLE to me in keeping things tidy in my home.

A little side note: I made this chart years ago, and have since discovered a similar item is for sale on Etsy. I guess there are a lot of BRILLIANT minds out there. Maybe some day I'll make money off my GREAT ideas, but for now I'm content sharing them.

Hopefully I didn't take too much of an EGO trip on this post. I just really LOVE my chart!!!


Anne said...

Well I think it is a cute idea and I love it...My kids are College & High School age and I still give them a chores list but mine is pretty simple... I write it on a piece of paper with their names next to what chores they are to do and I hang that paper on the mirror in the hallway...LOL. It works since we are all so busy and going in different diretions but yours is MUCH Cuter!

Anne @

Eden E said...

Hey Kris!
OK I know this comment is TOTALLY late in the game but I just HAVE to make one! Hope you get it.
This is seriously by far and away the BEST idea for chore charts I've EVER seen, hands down!
And IMHO, as far as Etsy goes, I think of it like it's your neighborhood grocery store of craft ideas. You might be able to find a triple-layer chocolate cake in Wal-Mart's bakery if you're in a bind and need one already made....
But to have one of YOUR homemade, unbelievable cakes? NO CONTEST.
And that's all I have to say. :)